A Successful Journey

Celebrate I love when I can celebrate with others especially  moms that have successfully raised their children. This weekend I was able to do that and much more with my friend Tammy!

I was super excited to celebrate with her and her twin daughters on their successful completion of college. Yes, one tuition payment times two and here I am freaking out about paying tuition for one!

Family and friends came from near and far to join together for this wonderful achievement. We enjoyed good food, music, laughter and conversation. Amazed how quickly the years had gone by,  we celebrated how Tammy’s daughters blossomed into beautiful young ladies with a plan and a bright future ahead.

Although the storms earlier in the day made the drive to the celebration treacherous, the clouds parted and the sun began to shine. This is very much like our life’s journey. Our journey may take us through storms, growing pains, failures and successes. Then,  we get to the success and the sun begins to shine.

Today I salute my friend Tammy for being an AWESOME mother and on your successful journey with your twins.  Congratulations not only to your daughters on earning their college degrees but to you as well. You earned it too!





Selfless Love that Endures

happy mother's day

Today is Mother’s Day! A special day not only for me but for mothers all over the world! We recognize this national holiday the second Sunday of May every year but, one day a year is not enough!

A mother’s responsibility is 365 days of the year through age 18 and/or until college is completed. Mothers who develop a selfless love for their children want to ensure that their children have all that they need to live a productive life. It is why some mothers may still provide assistance, advice, and words of wisdom well beyond the college age years.

As this Mother’s Day weekend comes to a close think about all the mothers who give of themselves selfishlessly. Take the time to call,  send handwritten notes, text, or whatever you can throughout the year. Encourage mothers for all that they do and their selfless love that endures every day of the year.

Celebrate While You Can

Thanks to Chicago weather I am in bed not feeling well recovering from a weekend filled with prom send offs, graduations, and other celebrations. These however are monumental moments I am glad that I didn’t miss.
Generally proms take place a week or two before graduation serving as pre celebratory activities of the completion of high school.  As we waited patiently for the prom attendees to get dressed and depart in a chauffeured vehicle, I listened to elders of the family discuss how prom send offs were in the “old” days.
In the “old”  days, prom attendees would get dressed and parade around the block so that the neighbors could see the well dressed students in their dresses and tuxedos. Today, everyone comes to the prom attendee’s home for prom activities. These activities include all the food you can eat and  sweets on a themed candy table.
Prom has come a long way from picking out an outfit and exchanging corsages. It is the official red carpet event of the year for family and friends to also partake in. As we wrap up this school year remember to celebrate while you can. Cherish the moments that you have with the youth of your family because there are many that did not live to see this weekend of prom. Celebrate moments both big and small!