Think Big!

I like to approach things strategically.  I plan, act, and then review the results. I understand that everyone may not approach things in that manner. What I don’t understand is why others are less accepting of me being this way.

It is easy to feel as if we need to go with the status quo of  how others think we should behave. When that happens then we are not staying true to who we really are. To have someone say that you are too complex or that your vision of doing things is on a bigger scale can be mind boggling. It may cause you to second guess yourself or feel as if you are doing something wrong. Yet, there is nothing wrong with thinking big.

It may be difficult trying to collaborate with people that are comfortable with where they are. Unfortunately when they are comfortable doing things a certain way it causes stagnation and no growth. Asking them to think big challenges them to change and may require them to do more. If they are not willing to commit to the change or it breaks them out of their comfort zone, they may ask you to scale down to meet them where they are. Don’t scale down to meet others where they are! Stay true to yourself, scale up and continue to think big.

Think Big


Trust and Truth

I am by no means the type of person that will shy away from speaking the truth. Despite this, from time to time I still find this hard to do. It’s easy to speak the truth when everyone is happy and things are going well. It is more challenging when things are falling apart.

In both my life and work experiences I have learned that you can’t build trust without having the freedom to speak the truth. Being able to communicate openly is essential for  building trust in family, personal and business relationships. If we have the freedom to speak openly and honestly, we don’t have to try figure out what is not being said or when a need is not being met. We can ask the tough questions and have an opportunity to be heard.

This opportunity opens the doors of sharing what we are experiencing with a family member or team member. Sharing openly enables learning what each other’s needs are so that we learn to support each other in those areas.  That support helps to build  trust.

Truth 2

If you want to build trust with someone give them the freedom to speak truth.




Just Two Words

Recently I wrapped up another successful year of working with a group of amazing 6-8th grade mentees. We recognized our graduates at a luncheon attended by their families, community members and other mentors.

A few things I enjoy most about working with mentees is seeing them grow, come out of their comfort zone and develop their self-esteem. All of this they learn through our time together every month. I do this because it’s an area of service near and dear to my heart. I don’t  expect anything in return but it feels good when a parent says thanks for all you have done or when the student tells me how much they have enjoyed our time together.

Just those two words, thank you, can make all the difference in the world no matter what language you say it in.

Thank You