Use the Experience Wisely

When we consider the amount of time we spend at home,  at  work, at school or at church we have endless possibilities to experience each other on many different levels everyday.

Those experiences teach us about having grace towards one another, how to give of ourselves, how to love, and  how to share. While we consider our time to be precious, life itself is nothing without the relationship of others.

It is important not to take the bad experiences we may have had and regretfully see them as a waste of time. Live and learn to use the experience wisely to improve your  future relationships.


Nothing Wasted 2




Joy Comes in the Morning

During the recent snow storms there were more mornings of cold and gray clouds  than there were of the morning sun. The heavy snow and the heaviness of the clouds made for dreary long commutes and frustration. While the days were dreary, above the clouds the sun was still shining. We just had to weather the storm.


Much is the same with life. Sometimes we have to endure the darkness before we see the light. The warmth of the morning sun on a cold winter’s day is a gentle kiss from God. It is a  reminder that weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.


It never ceases to amaze me when those who lack something in themselves try to tear other’s down . It is those individuals who through their low self-esteem consistently seek out the mistakes and faults in others to make themselves look good. Those individuals also think that they are in control over the outcomes of situations failing to understand an important truth which is, God is always in control.

If you are facing a situation that has set you back remember, who you are whose you are. Remember that you first must believe, pray, listen and then act. God will tell you what it is you need to do and how you need to do it. Remember we are sons and daughters of the King! Continue on and walk in your purpose.



Taking The Leap in 2018

Living in what God had purposed for me in 2017 taught me to take an honest look at myself before I looked anywhere else. It required me to be present which at times wasn’t that easy. It required me to stop second guessing of what all I could accomplish with the help of God.  Yes, doubt can hold you back!

This year in 2018  I am taking the leap. taking the leap

As I opened my bible this morning I read a note I wrote to myself which said, “be authentic in everything you do.”  I have one life to live in the way that God intended. Therefore,  I can take the leap to accomplish more with God than I could ever do on my own.

As you celebrate this new year, trust that God will give you everything  that you need for you to passionately pursue your purpose. You however must be willing to take the leap.

Happy New Year!






Jesus is the Reason

Jesus is the Reason.jpg

 It’s a Wonderful Life is an all time classic. In this film, the main character George is shown how different life would have been if he had not been born.

Today many of us gather with our families exchanging gifts, sharing a warm meal and watching Christmas classis such as  It’s a Wonderful Life. Let us however not forget that Jesus is the reason for the season.

I am not only grateful to celebrate another Christmas but I am grateful that Jesus was born!

Prayers to those who have lost loved ones and are experiencing grief today. God’s peace and comfort be with you! Celebrate Life!



Press Play

When the winter comes I am not at all too thrilled about the snow and the extreme cold temperatures. Yet the smell of winter gives me a comfort of the Christmas season sharing love with both family and friends.

As I wrapped gifts this weekend I thought about certain individuals who said that they didn’t celebrate the holidays. Such liars they were! It was more so because they didn’t  want to have to shop for so many people. Who was I to think that I wasn’t just in the ” people” category?

This bought to my remembrance how I had put some things on pause in my life trying to make others happy (deep sigh).

press play

I have learned so many lessons from those seasons of my life. Now, I continue to make strides in pressing play on things that make me happy. I look at the change of seasons as a great opportunity  to press play on what could happen next. Don’t let someone else put a pause on your life because life will happen with or without you.

Tunnel Vision

I dread eye exams because my vision issues remind me that I am getting older. While  I don’t have to go through the dreadful process of having my pupils dilated, the exam results speak the truth that unless I refocus I can’t see things in small print.

Tunnel Vision

Interestingly enough as I called out the smaller letters on the eye chart, the optometrist tells me that he could see me refocusing to read the smaller letters. It was then I realized that I willed myself to see what I could not originally see. My will caused me to make a choice and that was to refocus.

Wow! An eye exam caused me to think about the choices I have made in life. I chose sometimes to put  blinders on to what was happening around me, what I was going through, and how I was feeling about it. Instead of refocusing so I could see clearly, I made a choice to have tunnel vision which crippled me.

Are you suffering from tunnel vision? Make a conscious choice to refocus and see things for what they really are.




Thanksgiving is over and there are plenty of leftovers to last us for days. While my belly is full so is my heart. I continue to be especially grateful to spend time with my family whether at dinner, a play or a movie. It is in these moments I thank God that so many of my family members are still here with me and I still have the opportunity to  spend time with them.

In these moments I realize how my daughter no longer is my little mini me but the taller version of me.  I realized that time is of the essence for us to make the best of ever moment. I am thankful to be alive to celebrate with family from generation to generation. I am thankful that the family legacy will continue through our children.




Understanding Identity

I can’t express enough how it is such a rewarding experience for me to speak to youth. Although my week was full of preparing and presenting at committee and board meetings, the excitement I had to be a workshop presenter at the Girls Magic Conference (hosted by the Princess Within Foundation) never swayed.


Not only do I see my teenager sometimes struggle with trying to find her place in the world I see the struggle even more challenging for youth ages 8-12. Both age groups work considerably hard trying to fall in line with what others are doing not realizing that the best they can be is who God created them to be.

I truly believe that when our children understand their identity as being a child of God they can accept themselves for who they are.  They will understand that they are unlike anyone in this world. They will also understand that their gifts and characteristics are unique to them. It helps build their confidence and it makes them feel empowered.

Let us all work to cultivate that confidence. When our children understand their identity they can speak with confidence about who they are, whose they are, and that they were created for a purpose.



Reinventing Yourself

I can’t help but feel unsettled when several former coworkers tell me that after 20 years of service they will no longer be employees. What do you really say to someone who no longer has a job?

During one conversation, my former coworker said she didn’t know what she was going to do. She has worked the same job, doing the same thing, taking care of her family, and doing very little for herself. Sound familiar?

As we continued to talk, I asked what was it that she wanted to do but never had the chance to do? She shared with me a few things. Yet, she stated that she didn’t think she could start now reinventing herself. My response, “Now is the best time to reinvest yourself.”

Reinvent YourselfOur life  situations can make us feel boxed in. We have the same routines day after day. We take very little effort to learn something new or try something different when it comes to our careers or passions. We talk ourselves out of what could be.

Don’t wait to receive the dreaded human resource call for them to say your services are no longer needed. Take time to find what it is that you want to do to reinvent yourself. Plan now!