Purposeful Scheduling

A typical week for me may sound exhausting. It includes working at a full time job, attending my daughter’s activities, planning events for my ministry, mentoring, volunteering,  writing, and church on Sunday. Then of course there are things to take  care of at home including household chores, home repairs, grocery shopping and car maintenance just to name a few. You are probably thinking what others have already said to me, “You do TOO  much!” Yet, I have actually learned to do only what I enjoy doing and what is necessary to maintain my home. It however wasn’t always this way.

There was a time I would be voluntold to help out with a project and I didn’t necessarily volunteer. There was a time when someone would convince me to help out because “we could really use your help.” What is the difference now?

Now, I participate only in things I am passionate about and that helps me feel fulfilled at the end of the day. If  I have any uneasiness or hesitation in immediately replying “yes” to an activity, then I need to say “no.”  As I continue to try to avoid having that overwhelming burned out feeling, I work towards what I call purposeful scheduling. This means I am making a conscious effort to not overschedule by looking at my planner for cluttered weeks and noticing when there is no breathing room for me to have some downtime. Then I ask myself the following questions:

  • Do I need to be in attendance?
  • Do I need to rest?
  • Do I have enough downtime?
  • Does this give me peace?
  • Is this what God would have for me to do? (entails prayer)

After doing this I have more comfort in knowing that I am doing only what I need to do at any given moment. The cover of my planner reminds me daily  to “Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3

If you feel like  you are doing too much consider purposeful scheduling. Lay before the Lord everything you do in prayer. What we do is never too much when God gives us the strength and guidance to do it.



Purposeful Scheduling Photo By Damika Davis






Seasons of Change

The only thing that is constant is change. It is something I am sure we have all heard at one point in our lifetime. While we may not always participate in the changes in our life, they will most certainly occur. If we choose not to participate then they become missed opportunities.  Now that I am in my 40’s, my perspective on life has shifted. I believe it is because of the wisdom I gain just by living, learning, and continuing to live each day with a purpose. As I get older,  I’m sure that my perspective on life will continue to evolve and as this occurs so will my priorities.  This Thursday September 22, 2016 marks the first day of Autumn. Soon we will begin to see the leaves fall from the trees but not before they change into the beautiful colors of red, yellow, and brown. Although the leaves will fall, there will be a beauty to their release. I have faith that the Autumn season will arrive because I have faith in God who created the heavens and the earth. He causes the seasons to change. So, why shouldn’t I have the same faith that the seasons of change will occur in my life for me to release? In my featured photo for this post, I am reminded that it is God who directs my path no matter how many plans I have made in my mind. For this season of my life and seasons to come I am releasing my plans to God. I am only pursuing the path He desires for me!


Seasons of Change Photo by: Damika Davis

Moments of Solitude

There was a time when I would sit impatiently waiting for my daughter to finish her practices. From volleyball practice, to track practice, and dance practice I waited. I would sit in the car for what seemed like forever. Generally I tried to  arrive 10 to 20 minutes earlier because I didn’t want to be the late arriving mom. You know the mom who pulls up to the school coming to a screeching halt as both the coach and her child shakes their head as if to say, “She’s late again.” Yes occasionally that was me fighting traffic rushing to get from point A to point B. Since then, I have been much more diligent in arriving earlier and now I have learned to enjoy the moments of solitude while I wait.  It may sound crazy but I arrive an hour earlier. You are probably thinking why would you do that? Well, I don’t have that rushed feeling  about being late nor the possibility of getting a traffic ticket for speeding. Most importantly,  I am taking the opportunity to just be still. I can sit and listen to the rain come down making a collage of raindrops on my  window.


Moments of Solitude Photo by Damika Davis

I can listen to jazz or nothing at all. I can read my bible, read a good book, pray, or just write down the  ideas that seemingly came out of nowhere. None of this would be possible without taking the moments of solitude while I wait. Before I know it my daughter is calling me to say, “Mom we’re done, are you here?”


Enduring Means Strength

Hey Moms!

So excited to share with you the first post of the Enduring Expressions Blog. Oftentimes when we see the word endure or enduring we think of  suffering. Yet, to endure also means to remain or last. While I will admit I have had some challenging life experiences as a mom, each experience has allowed me to grow. It was through those experiences that I came to understand the STRENGTH God has given me. But I am not the only mom who has experienced life challenges or will continue to experience life challenges for that matter. As a mom on the go, I am usually on autopilot and then hit rock bottom. This blog is my reminder to turn autopilot off and to take the time to reflect. In  my reflections, I would like to share with other moms the journey to endure for the sake of our children. If you are a mom who is always on the go, this blog is for you. I am looking forward to sharing with you short weekly posts of enduring expressions of  FAITH, HOPE, LOVE, and LIFE.  This blog  will provide you with enduring expressions that you can read while waiting to pick up your child from school or making that next cup of coffee to get through the day. As motivational speaker, I encourage moms to endure for the sake of our children because  if we endure that means we are that much more stronger for our children to endure. Blessings as we journey together through enduring expressions to remind us to have FAITH in the midst of challenges, maintain HOPE for the unknown, LOVE ourselves and others, and be intentional about living a LIFE of purpose.