Living a Lie

When you live a lie you never have that feeling of ever really being fulfilled. While telling a lie is not hard to do, keeping up with the lie is. You have to work at keeping your story straight about what you did, remembering where you were and who you were with. People lie for so many different reasons but the common factor is always selfishness. It is that selfishness that causes them not to be concerned about those they hurt in the process. They were only concerned about themselves.

As I continue to teach life lessons to my daughter, the life lesson of being hurt by someone’s else lie is an uncomfortable one to discuss. Especially if you have been the object of someone’s else lie. It eventually  happens to all of us. We give people the benefit of the doubt and then we discover the truth in the end. Either someone lies to us, we ourselves withheld the truth, or we lie to ourselves.


When it is all said and done we are held accountable for all of our actions. Even those we consider to be minor.  Until then, we have to  live with what we have done good or bad. Why not stop the selfish way of living and live truthfully?


Everyday A Sunday

Preparing for church this Easter morning, I listened to “He’s Alive” by DeAndre Patterson. It took me back to  when I was younger getting ready for church. Although the song came out much later after my time as a youth, it is a traditional gospel song performed by a large church choir with all the energy they could extend to deliver a message. These songs add to my Sunday which is first day of the week where I get to worship with a body of believers and give God praise.

I remember how I wanted everyday to be a Sunday. Even with the mad dash to get to church on time for Sunday School, sit in service all afternoon, go to the corner store to buy Chic-O-Sticks, and be back again for evening service; I truly enjoyed Sunday. Sunday was my day of peace and no worries. Sunday was my day to be away from the foolishness and woes of the week.  On Monday, it was back to reality of fighting the good fight of whatever it was for me at that time.

He's Alive

As I sat in church this Easter morning, I am thankful that God woke me up! I am appreciating that I have peace throughout the week simply because He’s Alive! I realize that everyday is a Sunday because everyday I remember the sacrifice made on the cross. It is a sacrifice made not only for me but for all of us! Grace be to God that no matter what it looks like on the outside, the battle is already won because of the ultimate sacrifice. He’s Alive!

Why not take that truth into everyday of the week? Let that be your peace to make everyday a Sunday.






Embracing the Parenting Journey

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the Honors Convocation for my daughter at her school. Considering our schedule including volleyball games, mentoring events, and ministry activities this was a huge accomplishment for her and especially with her being a Freshman.

By the grace of God my daughter was able to keep her grades up and maintain her status as an Honor Roll student. Through all the practices, games, meetings, projects, the papers, quizzes and exams- she did it. We did it! Yes, I said we did it!  God, my daughter and I.

As I continue embracing the parenting journey I am embracing my role in the life of a teenager. I am embracing fulfilling my role as the editor of research papers, practice exam proctor, chef, designated Mama Uber,  physician, and then some. This means that when an accomplishment is made I am that Proud Parent feverishly clapping, taking pictures and saying that’s my Girl!

Honor Roll.jpg