Super Tired

Have you ever went to sleep and woke up feeling extremely tired?  That has been me for the last few days. Looking at my Fitbit results I was restless on average about 10 times per night and woke up on average about 4 times per night. Why? Why? Why?

Could it be that I was remembering the uncomfortable conversations from earlier in the day? Maybe I was thinking  about the tough decisions I had to make. Maybe I was still seeing the images of the hurricane from the news. Whatever it was, I have no problem saying that I am a Super Mom who is a Super Woman that is Super Tired!

Super Mom

I want to be a Super Rested Mom. I really do! I realize that in order for me to be a Super Mom who is a Super Woman that is Super Rested I need to change up my nightly routine. Maybe I will try getting to bed at an decent hour, no news after 9:30 p.m. and a cup of Kava tea. Prayerfully this week will be better.

Sleep is our only saving grace not for the sake of getting rest but it helps repair our brain, heart, and blood vessels. Maybe that is why I forgot the meeting, I didn’t sleep long enough to remember. 🙂

To all Super Moms everywhere I encourage you to get super rest!