Please Be Patient

It’s official! I am the parent of a student driver. 🙂

Nervous ParentAs I embark upon this next journey in my daughter’s life, I have been trying to share with her my experiences as a new driver. I remember what it felt like when I first got behind the wheel. I remember vividly the smell of the old cars we practiced in for range. I remember the torn seats and heavy doors that would not close unless you slammed them shut. I remember pressing my foot on the gas to take my first merge onto the expressway.

Please PatientNow that I remember, I wonder if my mother was the nervous parent? Did she break out in a cold sweat or felt nauseated as I put the car in to drive. That is me today! The nervous and nauseated parent while trying to offer encouragement by saying, “good job”.

On behalf of all parents of students drivers everywhere, please be patient when you see the student driver sign. Pretty PLEASE!




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