At the Root

Yesterday I participated in a service project to help clean up a local school’s playground. There were different tasks that needed to be done and I chose to pull weeds. For something so small, the weeds were prickly and hard to pull from the surface. Beneath the surface was the root which at times was so deep I had to use a hoe to dig around it. It was only then that I could pull the root completely out. For those of you that don’t pull weeds, if you don’t pull them from the root they will eventually grow back!

.Weed Image   To deal with issues, deal with the root of the problem.

As I continued to pull weeds a monarch butterfly landed on a weed nearby. It rested for awhile then circled over my head before landing again. I recalled how my grandmother would tell me that seeing a butterfly represented someone’s life who has gone on. I have also heard that butterflies represented release. Whether it was for a life that has passed on or for a life that continues,  I envisioned carefree living. There was something very peaceful about the monarch butterfly. So peaceful that I watched it intensively for a few moments before it finally flew away.  monarch butterfly

Yesterday I understood how old issues can return if we don’t deal with the root of the problem.  Get to the root of what’s holding you back. Get to the root of your frustration. Get to the root of your disappointments. Get to the root of your fears and be released.


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