Trust and Truth

I am by no means the type of person that will shy away from speaking the truth. Despite this, from time to time I still find this hard to do. It’s easy to speak the truth when everyone is happy and things are going well. It is more challenging when things are falling apart.

In both my life and work experiences I have learned that you can’t build trust without having the freedom to speak the truth. Being able to communicate openly is essential for  building trust in family, personal and business relationships. If we have the freedom to speak openly and honestly, we don’t have to try figure out what is not being said or when a need is not being met. We can ask the tough questions and have an opportunity to be heard.

This opportunity opens the doors of sharing what we are experiencing with a family member or team member. Sharing openly enables learning what each other’s needs are so that we learn to support each other in those areas.  That support helps to build  trust.

Truth 2

If you want to build trust with someone give them the freedom to speak truth.





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