Beyond Personal Privacy

In an effort to be cool, many of our teens today are living out their lives on social media. They tag their locations, share provocative photos and share so much more with the world. Although social media providers have privacy settings that can help to limit who views your posts, there is always someone lurking behind the scenes.

Think Safety.jpg

I have additional safeguards for my daughter in addition to encouraging her not to tag her locations unless it is with a group or for special events. Some parents may feel their teens should be allowed privacy. I disagree. My daughter will get her privacy when she is living on her own and paying her own bills.

My spirit grieves when I hear the news of young teenage girls who are missing or the news of them being found murdered from a connection they made with someone on social media. This is why it is very important to know who are teens are connecting with on social media. Do you know what their latest posts are on Facebook? Do you know who their streaks are with on Snapchat? Do you know the latest story they are reading on Wattpad?

Wattpad stories and various social media posts can be pretty outrageous and some too much for a teenage mind to comprehend. I would rather my daughter have a conversation with me and ask me questions about what she is reading on social media rather than someone else. I would rather my daughter understand that knowing what she does on social media is a matter of safety and is beyond her personal privacy.


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