The Movement Continues

Yesterday, there were  hundreds of thousands of participants in  the 2017 Women’s March from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles to Chicago. These participants came from all walks of life and  various socioeconomic backgrounds. Regardless of what made them different,  they walked in unity for women’s rights. They walked together making a bold statement that the movement continues.


2017 Women’s March-Chicago, IL


It is a movement that says it is not one gender that makes the difference, it is not one industry that makes the difference, it is  not one race that makes the difference. It is a movement that says collectively we all have an impact on the success of society. Yet, how can we know what that success is if groups or individuals, especially women, are pushed out of the equation? Women play a part in making that difference.

As a mother of a growing teenager, I want my daughter to know that she is afforded the same opportunities regardless of her race or gender. I want my daughter to know that if she can’t find opportunities she needs to go out and make opportunities. Why? God has a purpose for her life and He has giving her everything she needs to make opportunities to fulfill her purpose! Roman 8:31 says , “If God is for us, who can be against us?”  Absolutely nobody, so let’s keep it moving!



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