Get the Name Right

It is a quiet Sunday adding to the end of weekend celebrations, church service and relaxing to watch my favorite T.V. shows. It is also the Golden Globe weekend where movie stars, directors, and musicians will be acknowledged for their work. From the red carpet to inside the theater, stars name who designed their clothing and specifically name the movie or T.V. show they starred in. Yet what happens when the announcer says the wrong name of the movie or the show? Do you correct them or just keep it moving?

Watching the Golden Globes tonight I heard the movie Hidden Figures several times referred to as Hidden Fences. I could not believe that after all the hard work that went into making a movie of three women who helped to impact the work of NASA that the announcers would say the name incorrectly.

I do understand that our work alone can speak for itself but I also believe that credit should be given where credit is due. This includes saying someone’s name correctly or stating the name of their work correctly. When we say a name correctly that means we made an effort to inquire about the person or their work. It shows respect and it’s acknowledging them for who they are. So, it’s o.k. to keep calm and tell them to get your name right-the first time!





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