Reflections on Living


While there are many people today making new year’s resolutions I have made reflections on living. Realizing that my reflections for the most part are not all entirely new revelations but they all move me closer to understanding the inner most part of me and walking in my purpose. As I write, I can confidently say I am owning up to my mistakes, my shortcomings, and things that I allowed to delay my destiny. I can boldly  declare that in  2017 I AM living in what God has for me, NOW!  It is during the living in that I live out my purpose.

My  journey has not been easy but God’s love has enabled me to endure even if I was distracted at times by the hurt, the loss, the struggles and disappointment. As I am living in what God has for me now, my notable reflections on living gave me clarity and understanding summarizing my 2016 with the following statements:

  • I can’t continue to make excuses for myself or others and expect things to change.
  • People only did to me what I allowed them to do.
  • To be at peace I had to be obedient, pray, trust, and release and love with a forgiving heart.
  • I am more than enough to accomplish what God has called me to do.

I pray that those of you reading this post today live in what God has for you now. Live in what He has called you to do, live in what He has called you to wait for, live in where He has called you to work, and live in where He has called you to go (even if that means walking away).  Live for Him and you will be sure to have more breath taking moments of “Thank you Jesus” instead of, “Oh my God!”


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