Raising Leaders

In my book, “Enduring the Single Mother Struggle,” I included a poem I wrote declaring that there were infinite possibilities of all that my daughter could become. Those infinite possibilities included being the next President of the United States, a doctor, an educator, and most importantly making a difference in the world.

As I reflect on this poem, I also recollect a conversation I had recently with my former co-worker named Erminia. We were both attending an anti-violence workshop and during the break  we talked about our jobs and our families.  We both were in agreement we just didn’t want to talk about the election but she also added something that was very profound. She said, “we can’t blame the election results on anyone but ourselves (parents) if we are not raising our children to be leaders.” A powerful statement that hit me to the core.

I thought to myself I am one parent trying to make a difference in my child’s life so that she can impact the world! Yet, this also takes a community to do this. Do our children have all the tools readily accessible and available to them  that they need to become leaders? Do we as parents give up when resources are slim? Why are we not pooling resources to make this happen?

I know what my responses are to the previous questions and in some aspect I feel that I  have made some strides for my daughter to gain access to resources that will enable her to be a leader. For instance we try to utilize the availability of clubs offered at her school. We are also involved in Girl Scouts and the ASCEND mentoring groups just to name a few. Yet, it doesn’t stop there.  There are so many other ways to raise our children to be leaders. What does that look like for you? This post is a call to action and also an opportunity for you to share how you will work towards raising your child to be a leader. Looking forward to hearing from you! Until then, check out The Leader in Me for other ways to teach leadership at home.


visit: http:www.theleaderinme.org/parents/






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