Bills Are Real!



PSA for Teens : Bills are real!


This week I had the pleasure of meeting my daughter’s new mentor assigned through Link Unlimited Scholars (this organization has been a blessing to our family). During our dinner conversation my daughter and some of the other students shared their aspirations and dreams. Amazingly enough they all are already talking about college and traveling the world. Reality set in for me but that is another blog post for another day.

Don’t get me wrong. It was great that they are planning for their futures but it was as if they are all ready and set to go to be on their own. The highlight of my evening is when my daughter daughter’s mentor said, “so you all ready to start living life on your own and paying bills? Bills are real! The parents laughed hysterically but our children didn’t seem to think it was funny. Suddenly, their reality set in. They realized how we, their parents, take care of them. Paying their tuition, buying their clothes, putting food on the table, keeping the lights own at home, driving them to point A to point B,  and then some.

After gaining my composure from a good laugh, I sat back and  thought about how I have told my daughter on so  many occasions to not rush to grow up too fast and to enjoy her time now. I thought about how I have told her on so many  occasions that becoming an adult and being on your own means taking care of responsibilities including paying your own bills. Yet, it took her new mentor to say “bills are real” for her to finally get it. Well, at least she got it and I am thanking God today for all the people who are mentors especially my daughter’s mentor.










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