Remembering the Little Angels

It has been a joy to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends over these last few days. Watching the little ones play video games and hearing the amusing conversations of our teenagers adds to another nostalgic memory that I will have with me forever.

I settled down to relax from the festivities of these last few days only to see on the news that funerals were held today for some of the children who died in the horrific bus crash in Chattanooga, Tennessee. At that moment I was reminded that I was blessed to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends. I was reminded that I had another holiday to share with my daughter, to see her smile, and to hear her laugh.

I grieve for the mothers who have to endure the pain of burying their children today. I grieve for the mothers who will not have another opportunity to share the holidays with their children. Yet in my grief I also pray for those mothers to have the strength to endure and remember their little angels during the holidays. I believe the painting below by Sandra Kuck is a pleasant reminder that our children are God’s little angels here on earth. I am remembering the lives of the little angels lost and praying that God’s covering is over every school bus that transports our children to school tomorrow and every day.

Image result for little girl angel painting by sandra k





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