Now that my daughter is in high school she is bound to experience the woes of having dealings with high school boys from friendships to the idea of relationships. A boy at her school has already declared his love for her and told her, “You and I are going to be together forever. You are so beautiful and smart and I know that you have a good future ahead of you. That’s the kind of girl I need in my life.” She told him if that was so then why was he trying to talk to her and bragging about being with some other girl. I laughed hysterically because even at 14 she already has standards and knows the type of behavior she will and will not accept. She is unapologetic for having those standards. Way to go baby girl!

As I sit and write this blog post I think about past relationships, whether personal or business, and how often I held back to make those relationships work. There were many occasions I was told I was asking for too much or that my expectations were just too high. Hoping that things would work out for the best, I have often asked myself was it wrong to ask for what I wanted or to be up front about my expectations? NO, it was not!

It is VERY freeing when you realize that you are not the one with the issue for knowing what you want. It is perfectly normal to know what you want out of your relationships, how you want to be treated by family, and what you need from your job. It’s just not accepted because the nerve of you to know what you want. The nerve of you to make others uncomfortable for having to step up and be held accountable. Yeah you got some nerve and I applaud you!


Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful Photo By Damika Davis

Imperfect with all my flaws I am unapologetic about who I am! I will not apologize for wanting healthy relationships where I am treated with respect, being ambitious, having goals, and not going with the status quo. I have high expectations because what I have to offer is of HIGH worth. I am just grateful that my daughter understands this early as she was being pursued by this boy. He has high expectations of the type of person he wants to be with in the future but wants the girls he pursues now to have low expectations. Sorry buddy my daughter is learning to be her own kind of beautiful, have high expectations, and state boldly that she is not having it! That makes me a proud Mama 🙂


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