Drawing the Line

As a Mom I have come to develop a keen sensitivity, Mom senses,  to knowing when my daughter was not feeling well or needed to get some rest. When she was little she cried at the top of her lungs for attention signaling to me that she was sleepy, she was hungry, or needed a diaper change. Now that she is a teenager, the signals are different. When she tries to fit as much into her schedule as possible from birthday parties, bestie outings, sporting activities, etc., Mom senses tell me to look for sassy responses, bags under her eyes, and check the status of her grades. All of which helps me to know when to draw the line on what she can or can’t participate in.

I remember when my daughter was a toddler and I failed to make sure she got her nap that day. I was busy doing things around the house as she played with her toys with the gentle giggling sounds that only a toddler can make. Suddenly there would be silence. My Mom senses asked, “Why is she so quiet?” Calling her name and getting no response, I ran into the living room only to find her head laying on the seat of the sofa and her feet planted firmly on the floor. She was so exhausted she was sleeping half standing up! It was as if she attempted to climb on the sofa to lay down but was just too exhausted to bring her little legs to crawl up onto the sofa seat. In a way she still does that today. She will keep moving until she is completely exhausted unless I tell her to slow down and get some rest. She always says she is not tired and then when we are home, I will find her in the living room sound asleep and…..sprawled out on the sofa. I can’t help but smile when I think of then and now.

Our children figure they have all the energy in the world to keep moving from one activity to the next but as Moms we need to be able to draw the line making sure they get the rest they need. Lack of rest can lead to our children having mood swings, weakened immune systems, and poor grades. Reflecting on my previous post Purposeful Scheduling I also have to ensure that my daughter’s schedule is balanced and leaves room for her to get rest. After long weeks of school, extracurricular activities, and homework I have to be able to draw the line and say, “No let’s sit this one out.”

Yes No Keys Shows Accepting Or Refusing


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