Finishing Strong

Thousands of runners completed the Bank of America Chicago Marathon today. They trained and they endured to run their race and make it successfully  to the finish line. While I may not have been a participant  in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, I have been a participant in the Chicago Half Marathon. There is nothing like coming around the last curve and giving it your all to finish strong to the finish line. In the same way runners finish strong in marathons, we should finish strong in what we do in life.

2016 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

I am glad to share that as of my last post the shift in my life has occurred and I embark on my journey (my marathon) in three weeks. For some, three weeks was too long to allow for transitioning  especially after all I have endured. They also knew my struggles over the last twelve years. Yet regardless  of how I was treated that doesn’t mean that I have to leave without having things in order. Meanwhile my daughter is on the sidelines observing and listening. As I proceed to this latest finish line in my life I am showing my daughter three things:

  • Don’t leave on bad terms if you don’t have to.
  • Leave things better than how you found them.
  • Continue with integrity and good work ethic until the end.

Just as a marathon runner trains to finish strong through the pain and through exhaustion; I am teaching my daughter to finish strong through  her adversities in life. We have to show our children how to maintain integrity and continue to do right even when it is not expected. We need to be the example of maintaining a good work ethic until the end. If we want our children to finish strong we need to show them what it looks like to finish strong.



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