Dwell in Possibilities

Over the past few months I have been feeling as if a shift is about to occur in my life (Seasons of Change Blog Post). Not having any idea what the shift entailed, I knew for sure that I felt something in my spirit. The feeling was affirmed by way of a phone call in regards to something I inquired about almost a year ago. Now, I am patiently awaiting the outcome of this shift that can ultimately change my life. This shift would move me beyond where I have been planted these last 12 years.

I don’t find it a coincidence that it was almost 12 months ago of my inquiry and 12 years of where I have been planted. The number 12 represents God’s power and perfect government authority. I now reflect on the events of my life during this time. I can see clearly God’s timing of having everything in order. The order of me letting some people and some things go. The order of planning. The order of waiting patiently. The order that the foundations be set, structures are strategically put into place, and resources are made available. All of this occurring before the shift but while I dwell in possibilities.

Dwell in Possibilities Photo By Damika Davis.jpeg

Dwell in Possibilities Photo by Damika Davis

As we are blessed with each day to be alive, we should dwell in possibilities that with God all things are possible.  Dwell in the truth that until we are in position to be where we need to be at the predestined time, God is working behind the scenes with all power and authority. While Emily Dickenson dwelled in the possibilities through her poetry, let your possibilities be in Hope (confident expectation) of all that God will do in your life when everything is alignment.



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