Moments of Solitude

There was a time when I would sit impatiently waiting for my daughter to finish her practices. From volleyball practice, to track practice, and dance practice I waited. I would sit in the car for what seemed like forever. Generally I tried to  arrive 10 to 20 minutes earlier because I didn’t want to be the late arriving mom. You know the mom who pulls up to the school coming to a screeching halt as both the coach and her child shakes their head as if to say, “She’s late again.” Yes occasionally that was me fighting traffic rushing to get from point A to point B. Since then, I have been much more diligent in arriving earlier and now I have learned to enjoy the moments of solitude while I wait.  It may sound crazy but I arrive an hour earlier. You are probably thinking why would you do that? Well, I don’t have that rushed feeling  about being late nor the possibility of getting a traffic ticket for speeding. Most importantly,  I am taking the opportunity to just be still. I can sit and listen to the rain come down making a collage of raindrops on my  window.


Moments of Solitude Photo by Damika Davis

I can listen to jazz or nothing at all. I can read my bible, read a good book, pray, or just write down the  ideas that seemingly came out of nowhere. None of this would be possible without taking the moments of solitude while I wait. Before I know it my daughter is calling me to say, “Mom we’re done, are you here?”



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