Enduring Means Strength

Hey Moms!

So excited to share with you the first post of the Enduring Expressions Blog. Oftentimes when we see the word endure or enduring we think of  suffering. Yet, to endure also means to remain or last. While I will admit I have had some challenging life experiences as a mom, each experience has allowed me to grow. It was through those experiences that I came to understand the STRENGTH God has given me. But I am not the only mom who has experienced life challenges or will continue to experience life challenges for that matter. As a mom on the go, I am usually on autopilot and then hit rock bottom. This blog is my reminder to turn autopilot off and to take the time to reflect. In  my reflections, I would like to share with other moms the journey to endure for the sake of our children. If you are a mom who is always on the go, this blog is for you. I am looking forward to sharing with you short weekly posts of enduring expressions of  FAITH, HOPE, LOVE, and LIFE.  This blog  will provide you with enduring expressions that you can read while waiting to pick up your child from school or making that next cup of coffee to get through the day. As motivational speaker, I encourage moms to endure for the sake of our children because  if we endure that means we are that much more stronger for our children to endure. Blessings as we journey together through enduring expressions to remind us to have FAITH in the midst of challenges, maintain HOPE for the unknown, LOVE ourselves and others, and be intentional about living a LIFE of purpose.


One thought on “Enduring Means Strength

  1. I need a moment of solitude each day. Daily moments of reflection either validate my day’s experiences or drives me to be better tomorrow. Thank you for pouring out so we can receive.


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